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Tammy Benz, affectionately known among the who’s who in the hair industry as Tammy B. Tammy owners and operator both Tammy Benz Salon & My 5 Star Virgin Hair Company. She has been involved in hair styling since the days of her early childhood. She grew up in the industry, her mother created beautiful hairstyles for her clients in Detroit, Michigan. This uncanny talent was passed from mother to daughter and surely is something that attracted clients to both Tammy Benz Salon & My 5 Star Virgin Hair Co. Like mother – like daughter, Tammy works very well with women of multi-cultural ethnicities and with varying hair textures. She has a clientele base that spans the globe to include clients from the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa, North & South America.

During her extensive career as an hair extension specialist, Tammy has developed a well respected reputation as a renowned creator of healthy and vibrant hair styling. Tammy has a sharp eye for details, she notices both early and server cases with hair damage. Most hair damage stems from excessive chemical over processing and the mismanagement of thermal heating tools, these practices can wreck your hair. Tammy’s extensive experience and expertise with hair extensions allows her to make recommendations and implement corrective actions that enhance the healthy recovery of damaged hair.

Tammy is well versed in the multiplicity of hair extension installation methods. However, her method of choice is that of the Sew-In Technique. This method is undetectable, natural looking, and most importantly – non-damaging to your natural hair.

In addition to installation services, world class hair extension maintenance services are offered as well. As a professional hair care provider, Tammy provides tender loving hair care services to each and every client. Although most of her clients that wear extensions are very secretive about their hair; some are eager to spread the word that Tammy has a natural talent for creating signature hairstyles that nurtures and grows the natural hair.

Tammy‘s expertise stems from 23 years of experience, she’s the ultimate professional; she’s receptive, approachable and open minded when addressing the hair care needs and desires of her clients. She’s customer focused, quality driven and self motivated to achieve unblemished perfection with each and every client.

If you’re seeking top rated, high quality, 5-Star Red Carpet hair extension installation and maintences services, then you want to consult with us, we’re to be sure that you’ll enjoy the Tammy Benz experience.

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